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I am a huge supporter of promoting books. I've enjoyed helping promote books through hosting quite a few blog tours, cover reveals, and have hosted over 100 live author chats. I have really enjoyed being apart of numerous blog tours for YA and MG books outside of the tours I've personally hosted, which is what inspired me to start hosting blog tours. I've been hosting live authors chats since 2009, and have been featuring cover reveals and blog tours since around that same time, though I didn't start hosting my tours until 2011.

Blog Tours
Blog Tours are great way to promote your book, and a fun opportunity for me to help spread the word about a book I've enjoyed reading or help an author friend / publisher I've enjoyed working with before, promote their upcoming release. At this time I am only accepting tour requests from authors / publishers I've worked with previously or am currently working with now. I hope to be able to open my tours up soon. If you have any questions or concerns about my tours, please feel free to contact me at mundiemomsblogtours AT gmail.com

Tour Cost:
My blog tours are currently FREE. Though that may change in the future, but since I've started hosting blog tours I've not charged for them. Due to the fact that I do not charge for my tours and the time I put into each tour, I am selective with the tours I currently run.  

What's in a Tour:
With each of the tours I work closely with the author and the publisher to ensure each book is promoted successfully. Every little detail of the tour is discussed with the author to ensure they feel comfortable with the tour. Tours can run anywhere from one to four weeks and stops can include, reviews, excerpts, guest posts, giveaways, author interviews, character interviews and more.

Who's On Our Tours:
While I work closely with some of our affiliates and blogger friends who have been apart of many of our blog tours, I also work with additional sites that the author/publisher would like to have on the tour. 

Here's a list of blogs who have previously been apart of my blog tours:

*List Under construction*

Tour Graphics:
Thank you to Amber from Page Turners,  who makes the blog tour graphics for each of the blog tours. Thank you also to Jen from Hypable who made the first set of graphics back when I first started doing blog tours. 

Cover Reveals:

MM's have been doing cover reveals for awhile now, and it's a feature I really enjoy doing. All cover reveals are FREE of charge. You can check out some of my most recent cover reveals here. I have hosted numerous exclusive cover reveals here on the blog, as well as have been I've apart of cover reveal blog tours hosted by various publishers, authors and other bloggers.

For cover reveals I host include: the post will include the cover of the book, the synopsis, links to pre-order the book (if they're available), the author and publisher links, and when the book will be out, along with any other the info the author and/or publisher would like me to include. Some cover reveals have also included a giveaway provided by the author/publisher. The post will be featured on the blog, linked to facebook, twitter, and networked blogs. 

Cover Reveals promoted on Mundie Moms are for YA books only, and need to be family friendly. Middle Grade and younger book reveals are featured on Mundie Kids and must be child appropriate

Live Author Chats:

We enjoy hosting live author chats here on our site. Many of our chats start at 9 pm EST, using Cover It Live. We leave our chats up on our site for a brief period of time (most of the time) and then move the transcript to our forum.

You can find our list of Author Chats

We also enjoy interviewing our favorite authors. These interviews are posted both on our site and our forum. You can find our Author Interviews

*Live Author Chat requests are currently done by invitation only, and are not currently open for new requests.


Katie Bartow did a fantastic job organizing my blog tour. She has amazing contacts and matched my book with the perfect sites. Incredibly responsive and organized, Katie took care of all the details, so I could concentrate on writing great interviews and blog posts for each stop. And I could tell that she genuinely loves what she's doing—working with her is like working with a friend. I couldn't recommend her more highly. 

 – Saundra Mitchell, author of Shadowed Summer and The Vespertine.

If you have any questions about my blog tours, live author chats or cover reveals or would like me to host your cover reveal or blog tour, please feel free to contact me, Katie at mundiemomsblogtours AT gmail.com


  1. That's incredible work you're doing for Indie Authors especially. Leaving you a message. Cheers :)


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